At Queen City Bakery, it’s just about doing what we do best: baking extraordinary breakfast and dessert treats.

Whether you’re in search of the best slice of chocolate cake in town, or you’re just looking for a fabulous cup of coffee, Queen City Bakery has what you need to really treat yourself. The Queen City team works hard to create an atmosphere that is simultaneously approachable and tasteful. You’re never under- or overdressed; you can bring your family or your business partners.

Owners Mitch and Kristine go out of their way to produce the highest quality baked goods, even if means hand-picking forty pounds of strawberries at Sanderson Farms in Brookings. Before Queen City Bakery opened in Sioux Falls in 2008, Midwesterners could expect hours of travel to find a good croissant or a sensational, savory quiche. Not anymore. For the past 7 years, Queen City Bakery has been making Sioux Falls’ pastry-related dreams come true.

It’s not gourmet, and it’s not luxury;
it’s simply delicious and accessible excellence.